Donovan Associates

Now, almost two years later, the results are still clearly visible and working for us. The effect on individual growth as well as team growth was very significant and clearly paid off in the long run.

Director of Service Operations
A leading Technology Company

We are uniquely positioned on the leading edge of visionary thinking - we are not fixers. We enable you to master your creative potential and infuse new life into your people and plans.

Why are we different? Our people!

We understand the creative process; and, most importantly, we know how to use it effectively so that organizations really work. We also work holistically using mind, body, and spirit.

"Structure shapes behavior" is one of our basic working principles. Our talent is in helping you build a global, value-driven culture with new structures to generate what you want.

Creativity grounded in reality - not a "cookie-cutter" approach

We use simple, straightforward tools - not reworked, reactive theories - that help you create growth and value. We help you work with "the truth" about where you are and where you want to be.

Our structural consulting approach provides you with an enriched perspective on the key drivers of your business. We call it "seeing relevant reality."

Our unique technologies help you see how to grow your key customers and determine what changes need to be implemented to serve them in the future. We then leverage our hands-on experience to help you find winning strategies that you would not otherwise find on your own.

Our thinking helps you develop clear, strategic plans

Our passion for this work comes from our commitment to one goal: developing a clear, quantified, shared direction that will drive your business thinking and strategies. The provocative, yet productive way we help you get there is what sets us apart and makes working with us exciting and challenging.

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