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The trainees are focusing on using the learned skills to help empower others to create clear, meaningful visions appropriate to the group's personal and professional goals.

T.J. Schweers - Vice President
National Westminster Bank, USA

Leadership and Vision

Leadership and Vision is an exciting, highly interactive, two-day seminar that examines both the elements of the creative process in exemplary organizations and the qualities of their leaders. Participants clarify both their personal and organizational purpose and direction and learn how to initiate strategic actions.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a series of provocative, confidential, one-on-one sessions that enable leaders to understand the dominant underlying beliefs and structures that tend to drive their thinking and actions. Leaders further clarify their personal and professional vision and initiate action steps toward achieving their vision.

Tools for Team Creating

Tools for Team Creating is a new, leading-edge two-day course that provides a dynamic, collaborative, experiential setting for intact and multi-cultural teams to master the tools off the creative process. Participants then apply these principles directly to implementing actual business initiatives.

Proactive Strategic Business Planning

Proactive Strategic Business Planning is a formative series of sequential planning meetings. These meetings are the cornerstone of the structural, organizational development process. Typically, this program is a three-day, facilitated, offsite program that enables a management team to create a shared vision, major goals, a "winning" business strategy, and a set of strategic action steps. Through this process, the team also achieves a new, higher level of alignment, collaboration, and commitment.

Outdoor Experiential Team Development

Outdoor Experiential Team Development is an exciting, fun, custom-designed, one-to-six day program that combines business theory with real practice in a challenging, outdoor, "Outward Bound" type environment. We integrate achievable, physical activities such as sailing, orienteering, and team business simulations with team observation, feedback, and learning.

Typically, these programs are used as an immersion catalyst, prior to the Proactive Strategic Planning Process. These programs rapidly create a new level of team openness, trust, alignment, and innovation - ideal for new, multicultural teams.

Personal Health and Life Management

Personal Health and Life Management focuses on achieving well-being and balance in life. This seminar provides you with the necessary tools to stay fit and healthy in a pressure environment. You will also learn how to deal with obstacles, improve personal interactions with customers and associates, and remain creative and productive.

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