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Our company has been growing rapidly and we attribute our success, in part, to the effectiveness of the Proactive Strategic Business Planning program.

President and CEO of a public railroad services company

One challenge that often confronts growing organizations is an obscuring of the original direction that once drove success. Without a clear vision, the early, dynamic momentum and excitement is diminished.

Our structural, organizational development approach addresses, in four distinct phases, not only this natural downturn cycle; but also the infusion of generative, proactive thinking into the way people work. This approach translates directly into increased organizational learning and capacity - leading to newfound spirit and profitable growth - all driven by a rekindled passion to create outstanding results.

Phase 1 - Reality Check

Individual interviews and briefing sessions culminating in a comprehensive, working assessment of the present situation.

Phase 2 - Team Learning

Team learning sessions focused on the tools of the creative process. These include leadership, teamwork, strategic thinking, project management and personal health and fitness. The result is a holistic shift in thinking that brings about real change and growth.

Phase 3 - Proactive Strategic Business Planning

"Traditional" planning is reactive and limited to the current circumstances. Our consulting work orientation is accelerated and results-driven. You will invent a new, clear, shared direction; an achievable, winning business strategy; and a set of immediately actionable strategic objectives.

Phase 4 - Change Management

Most attempts to implement strategic plans fail without consulting support. We work side-by-side with you to ensure that you maintain the necessary momentum and stay focused on the results - in the face of your day-to-day responsibilities, and unanticipated circumstances. This ensures that the change process is timely, efficient, and system-wide.

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